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How to keep your node dependencies up to date

Here are a couple techniques I have found helpful to remind me to update my project's node dependencies as new versions come out.

Prevent iFrames from eating touch events in iOS

This is a short article, but I just wanted to document this quick fix to allow touch events to bubble when a user touches an iFrame.

Bootstrap grid primer for designers

I put together this guide to help designers understand how their designs will be fit into the Bootstrap grid.

Repeating Google Calendar event on the last day of the month

I was trying to create an event in Google Calendar that takes place on the last day of each month. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to this.

Hack for Internet Explorer invisible hover bug

While working on the Comp-Presenter jQuery Plugin I came across a really obscure bug in Internet Explorer that effect IE6 to IE8

How to present website design comps to a client

So you have toiled away through blood sweat and tears to create the perfect design for you client’s new website, but how to you show it to them?

Comp-Presenter jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin was made to help present website design comps to clients. By using the web browser for presentation you can keep your client from opening your comp in an image viewing program that may confuse the client on how the final product will look.

% Columns CSS Library

The goal of this system is to allow users to easily divide content into two, three, four or five columns based upon percentages; with the ability to then divide each column further.

You know you're a web developer when...

You don't use the WYSIWYG editor in a CMS, it's easier to just write the code yourself. You have a ton of domain names registered with nothing on them...

Android Wallpapers

I was making a variety of wallpapers for my new Droid Incredible and thought I would share (guess I learned something in Kindergarten after all). A couple of these textures where part of free texture packs from other people, unfortunately I lost the original source. If you recognize one please let me know.